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Are there personal use discounts on Creo?


As a Pro/Users member, is it possible to get some discount on Creo (any) license to use it at home (design for hobbies)

Mark Tentler, Honeywell

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Nope… If you a kid in engineering school and he/she doesn’t want to take advantage of student discounts, then you might could get a seat that way.

Keep in mind, the data produced is NOT readable on any commercial platform.

Truly, it is hobby.

Maybe, for the weekend, you can “borrow” a license from your company to do your hobby work? Talk to your IT department.

This is all speculative on my part.


What license modules include Creo Illustrate?


What license modules include Creo Illustrate?

Dave Engvall, Stanley

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I am pretty sure this is a stand alone license. I know, when I used it at TE, I had to ping a different license server to access it. Strange and we have very capable, advanced assembly licenses. Still this one, was a stand alone and I did not like that either Dave!


Fall 2019 Photos

Here are some of the photos taken at the 2019 Fall Pro/Users Event at FN America