Without the support from our sponsors, the Pro/Users of the Carolinas community would cease to exist.  Please check out the sponsors and the great services/products they offer.

Becoming a Sponsor

There are an unlimited number of ways you can support the Pro/Users of the Carolinas and gain visibility among the Users.  Here are few suggested ways you can be a sponsor.  For questions or comments feel free to contact any of the officers.

  1. You can purchase advertising space on this web site.
  2. You can host a meeting at your facility.
  3. You can rent a vendor booth at a Pro/user meeting.
  4. You can donate door prizes to be given away at meetings.
  5. You can loan workstations for training or modeling competitions at bi-annual events.
  6. You can also make many other arrangements if approved by one of the officers!

Sponsor Rates

  • Primary Event Sponsor for a meeting – Contact one of the officers
  • Renting a table -top booth at a Pro/Users Bi-Annual Event – $500
    (includes a brief presentation, your logo & URL on this website for 6 mo, recognition in all Member email announcements & lots of new contacts)
  • Vendor Presentation – Contact one of the officers to arrange for one of your people to demonstrate your product at a Pro/Users Bi-Annual Event.
  • Some Rates can be supplemented by prizes for the attendees (e.g. TV’s, Tablets, GPS’s, Meals, and etc…) All items and most proceeds go back to the User community as prizes and incentives.