The success of the bi-annual Pro/User events is dependent on the presenters who participate.  The following is a list of some of the industry experts who have presented at these events.

Leo Greene | eCognition

Leo Greene : eCognition

With over 20 years immersed in the improvement and implementation of product development systems and processes Leo is an expert in leveraging the benefits of Complex Geometry, Surface Model Development, Large Assembly Management, as well as Photorealistic 3d Rendering. He is available for Engineering Consulting Services and/or Custom Creo Training.

Dave Engvall | Retired Engineer

Dave Engvall : Retired Engineer
  • Retired Principal Engineer, IRWIN Tools > Stanley Black & Decker, Huntersville, NC,  over 20 years.
  • Principal, Dynamic Performance Edge, LLC – Consultant: Ag and Mobile Machinery.
  • ProE/Creo user for  over 25 years.
  • Started 3D modeling 10 years before that.
  • Outside interests: Photography, Music Creation, Bicycle and Motorcycle Riding.
  • Inventor - 25 Utility Patents.
  • Holder of three Guinness Book World Records for distance throwing:  Sling, Hand Thrown Object & Spear.

Bart Brejcha | Design-Engine

Bart Brejcha : Design-Engine

Bart Brejcha is a pioneer in top-down design committed to providing the best training for product development, industrial design, and engineering communities. He started his career as a product designer and manufacturer of furniture in Atlanta and used Pro/ENGINEER developing products with various Chicago design firms before starting Design Engine in 1994. For almost 30 years, Bart and his team have empowered 3D CAD professionals, students, and organizations to significantly increase their design and engineering capabilities through comprehensive training challenges. Bart's philosophy - It doesn't matter how fast you can model something, but how fast you can change it 20 times.

- Creo Surfacing
- Advanced Assemblies and Detail Drawings
- Creo Cabling
- Creo Reverse Engineering
- Manufacturing: Plastic Part Design, Diecasting, Forging

Shawn Schreckengost | TriStar

Shawn Schreckengost : TriStar

Shawn has worked with TriStar as a Business Development Manager for over 10 years.  He has over 35 years of industry experience working with various CAD tools including 25 years with Creo Parametric, specializing in design automation, large assembly management, and complicated geometry solutions.

Olivier Le Pord | PTC

Olivier Le Pord : PTC

Olivier joined PTC in March of 2021 and is the Director of the Online Community. He has been in that space professionally since 2007, always in high tech. Olivier was born in France but has lived in the in the United States since 2001. He lives in Asheville, NC with his wife and teenage daughter.

Michael Denis | Carrier Corporation

Michael Denis : Carrier Corporation

Michael Denis is a graduate of UNC at Charlotte with a degree in mechanical engineering.  In his short engineering career, Michael has done thesis work in the precision metrology field.   This thesis work led to his first industry job with Bosch-Rexroth in Charlotte, North Carolina.  At Bosch, he used design tables to automate different products within their portfolio.   After 2 years of employment with Bosch-Rexroth, Michael started his tenure at Carrier Corporation as a Designer.  At Carrier he was introduced to new design automation software called Smart Assembly by Sigmaxim.  For the last year and a half, Michael has spent his time leading a team developing tools in this software to reduce design time and errors thru scripting.  Michael's work in the fields of precision metrology, machine design, and thermodynamic chiller system design has exposed him to many different CAD applications.

Natalie Ozor | Carrier

Natalie Ozor : Carrier

Natalie Ozor achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Certificate in Elements of Computing from The University of Texas at Austin. During this time she worked in multiple UT research labs, most notably the Texas Rocket Engineering Laboratory, where she served as Systems Engineer, and the Tehrani Research Group, where she improved the design of a custom-gradient SLA 3D printer. After graduation, Natalie joined Carrier as an Associate in the Engineering Rotational Leadership Program. She worked with the Design Automation group for the last 8 months in Charlotte, NC, developing Smart Assembly tools to automate the Creo design process. She now works with Carrier’s Sound & Vibrations team in Syracuse, NY.

Jeff Raquet | UNC Charlotte

Jeff Raquet : UNC Charlotte

Jeff Raquet is a Teaching Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He spent twelve years in the real world before entering academia. Started using Pro/Engineer in 1994. Has been teaching the introduction to engineering course to incoming freshmen focusing on engineering drawing, CAD modeling and product design since the fall of 1999. Also offers an upper class elective: Advanced CAD/CAM course focusing on modeling and additive manufacture. Running the additive manufacturing lab for the Mechanical Engineering department – presently 22 small FDM printers, three large FDM printers, three SLA printers, one SLS printer and one Metal printer.

Luke Van Voorhis | Carrier Corporation

Luke Van Voorhis : Carrier Corporation

Just under a year ago, Luke Van Voorhis graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NC State University and began his professional career with Carrier. After purchasing a textbook to learn Creo design automation via SmartAssembly, he soon began developing his own automation tools for his team, and even worked with CADquest - the book’s author - on larger in scope SmartAssembly projects. These programs will save hundreds of hours in product development output, and the future is looking bright for many more automation opportunities.

Jarrod Nooe, PE | Navis Global

Jarrod Nooe, PE : Navis Global

Jarrod Nooe is a  graduate of North Carolina State University.  He is a design engineer for Navis Global in Lexington, NC.  Jarrod takes a special interest in machine design and analysis for industrial settings.

Gavin B. Rumble, PE | Solid Engineering & Design

Gavin B. Rumble, PE : Solid Engineering & Design

Gavin is an NC State University grad and a North Carolina licensed professional mechanical engineer with 37 years of engineering experience, 3 years of which were spent implementing a new Pro/Engineer based design system for a machinery manufacturer. Prior to that he worked as a technical gas services rep for the gas company and as engineering manager at an OEM machinery company. Since starting Solid Engineering in 1997 he has worked with clients from around the country in industry segments such as fiberglass, tires, plate glass, various industrial equipment OEM's, food production, furniture, hydro services, aerospace and building products. Gavin was an early adopter of computer-based engineering and in 2007 added an IT services division to his company. He has been involved with the Pro/Users of the Carolinas regional Users Group since the middle 90's.

Thiagu Palaniappan | TriStar

Thiagu Palaniappan : TriStar

Thiagu is Mechanical Engineer with 20 years of PTC Solutions experience including CAE, CAD, PLM areas. He was in the industry and worked/did contract work for companies like ITT Bell & Gossett pumps, Glasstech, Ingersoll-Rand, Mercury Marine, Volkswagen, Volvo, etc. Also- PTC certified instructor. He has been using Creo/Proe PTC products since 1996. Roles with PTC solutions – FEA Analyst, Trainer, Consultant, Administration of PTC solutions, Managed engineering team.

Zach Miller | TE Connectivity

Zach Miller : TE Connectivity

Zach has worked at TE Connectivity for over 11 years as a CAD/CAE System Analyst and has been using Creo for 13 years.  At TE He has provided Creo support and advice to the company’s users, developed SmartAssembly programs to automate Creo tasks, provided training on various Creo and SmartAssembly topics, and most recently has been involved in the company’s MBD/MBE activities.  Outside interests include spending time with his family, outdoor activities, and volunteering with the Lititz Fire Company where he currently serves as Assistant Fire Chief.

Mark Nielsen | TriStar, Inc.

Mark Nielsen : TriStar, Inc.

Mark Nielsen is a consultant and Model Based Definition expert specializing in advising companies to achieve maximum benefits from MBD strategies and its application to create more efficient and profitable Model Based enterprises.  After 25 years at PTC, Mark has helped companies across all industries structure and execute effective model based strategies focused on MBD over the last 15 years. Much of his time is spent driving industry standards and change through participation with numerous organizations and committees such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME, the National Institute of Science and Technology, NIST, and the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium, DMSC.

John McBride | Looking Glass XR

John McBride : Looking Glass XR

With over 25 years in starting and acquiring companies, John previously owned and operated a chain of video game and movie rental stories in the 1990s. By recognizing the future of VR/AR, McBride's vision for Looking Glass is to offer businesses custom innovative VR/AR experiences to transform their educational, training, marketing and design goals.

Rick Donovan | Carrier Corporation

Rick Donovan : Carrier Corporation

Rick began using Pro/Engineer, V12 in 1994, when the semi-conductor company he worked for transitioned from AutoCad, spending many months converting 2-D drawings into parts, sheet metal parts, and assemblies. Due to the fluid process nature of the semi-conductor business in 1996, he started working with Pro/Piping for package routing for wafer processing. In 2002, Rick began working in the defense industry utilizing large assembly management, top / down design using skeletons integrating multiple designs into an armored amphibious vehicle. Currently, Rick is working at Carrier, EM packaging implementing Pro/Schematic and Cabling and refrigerant tubing using piping.

Lino Tozzi | PTC

Lino Tozzi : PTC

Lino is a Principal Creo Applciation Engineer based out on Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has been an engineer with PTC for 23+ years.

David Cutter | TriStar

David Cutter : TriStar

David is a Solution Architect with TriStar.  He has 20 + years experience in change management and product development. Some of his professional skills include Windchill PLM, Part Classification, PDMLink, MPMLink, Change Management, Kaizen/Black Belt Process SME, and PLM & PDM System Implementation.  He was also a CMII Specialist & Practitioner.

Bryan Enabnit | Tristar

Bryan Enabnit : Tristar

Bryan Enabnit serves as the Vice President of Customer Success for TriStar, Inc. In his 20-year career, Mr. Enabnit has developed expertise in deriving solutions for deploying enterprise product development systems in all industry verticals and sales models. He is now taking Tristar, with the help of partnering companies, down the path of developing unique solutions for customers in the areas of Configure / Engineer-to-Order and Windchill extensions. This type of solution development requires an in-depth look and analysis of business processes from quoting to customer delivery as well as enterprise architecture and infrastructure. His sole responsibility is making sure TriStar customers maximize the return on investment of the products and services sold.

Ryan Gelotte | TE Connectivity

Ryan Gelotte : TE Connectivity

Ryan is a Senior Engineering IT Systems Analyst and MBD evangelist and champion for TE Connectivity’s Digital Enterprise Solutions. Ryan holds degrees in Plastics Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology from Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.  His career over the years has included a focus on all aspects of plastic part design and manufacturing, including mold design, as well as expertise of PTC’s various CAD and PLM systems.  In fact, Ryan started his career as an Applications Engineer for PTC from 1998-1999 and over the years has provided training, support and consulting services with PTC’s products for several companies.  His experience in both engineering systems, product design and manufacturing have been instrumental in preparing him for the many challenges that come with implementing a Model-Based Enterprise.

He enjoys the many challenges inherent to the engineering discipline and thrives off of finding new, better ways to accomplish superior results both in engineering and manufacturing operations.

Daniel Jarvis | PTC

Daniel Jarvis : PTC
    • Graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    • Started with Prime Computer as hardware service tech in 1983
    • Moved to CAD (Medusa!) in 1985
    • Started Computervision’s first NA VAR in 1992
    • Opened Charlotte VAR office in 1993
    • Returned to Computervision in 1997 and immediately acquired by PTC
    • Started with Windchill 1.0 in Technical Sales
    • Managed different technical regions throughout the US from 2000-2012
    • Technical Account Manager for Ingersoll Rand since 2003
    • Technical Account Manager for Lenovo since 2010
    • Moved to Customer Success in November 2021
      • Assist multiple customers in the northeast and southeast find value in their investment with PTC
      • I’m our customer’s “Relationship Manager” guiding them through PTC’s resources, ecosystem and community

Jered Larsen | INSite

Jered Larsen : INSite

Jered is an idea generating change agent.

After several years as a technology authority for the Western United States working for a PTC and Autodesk reseller, Jered has spent the last decade as a catalyst in product development.

He has served in pivotal roles in design and execution of new product development and strategic enterprise process improvement.

  • As a designer and engineer, inventing, and designing consumer products, he has helped to deliver products in the areas of furniture, sporting goods, personal storage, recreation and child mobility. He has contributed on several patents and is a recipient of an IDEA award.
  • Having served in various capacities of planning, implementation and administration, he has used his technology experience to sponsor process improvement through strategic technology implementation. He led the successful PLM implementation for Britax Child Safety – uniting departments, systems and processes across a global enterprise.

He currently resides with his family near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mike Schimmel | DCS Quality Solutions

Mike Schimmel : DCS Quality Solutions

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Mike Schimmel holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering. With three years of experience at Dimensional Control Systems, he has lead projects in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. As a variation analyst at DCS, Mike uses 3DCS software to provide solutions to design and build issues as well as assist customers with reducing variation in production through iterative design optimization.

Chris Stewart | TriStar

Chris Stewart : TriStar

Chris Stewart has served in Mechanical Design & Engineering, PLM Administration/CAD Support, and Applications Consulting roles for the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Manned Flight Launch Pad 39A Cape Canaveral, FL, NASA’s Orion Program via Lockheed Martin Crew Module Tooling Design, Titan Missile Ground Support through Computer Sciences Raytheon, Boeing & Sikorsky aircraft part production at Kaman Aerospace, Jet Engine manufacturing for Honeywell Aerospace Phoenix, Siemens Energy Hydrogen Powered Turbine Research World Headquarters Campuses, among others in the aerospace, surveillance, defense, energy, industrial, marine, and consumer product industries.  His passion for technology, solutions, and automation has led him to his current role with TriStar as the newest Regional Business Development Manager serving the Southeast U.S. and other locations.


Jack Sullivan | PTC

Jack Sullivan : PTC
  • Graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo
  • PTC Global Services
    • Started with PTC in 1995 as a Pro/ENGINEER trainer
    • Opened the Charlotte PTC Training Center in 1998
    • Managed the Mid-Atlantic Region for PTC Education Services from 1999-2000
    • Director of PTC Global Services Operations from 2000-2002
    • Director of eLearning for PTC Global Services from 2002-2003
  • Independent Contractor teaching PTC Training Courses from 2003-2008
  • Solutions Architect with SIGMAXIM from 2008-2010
  • PTC Technical Sales from 2010 to present
    • Principal Application Engineer for Windchill and Creo in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia

I am married with 2 kids.  In my free time I coach baseball, play golf, and watch Notre Dame, NY Giants football, NY Yankees baseball, and NY Rangers hockey.

Zack Lyon | ZLDesign | President

Zack Lyon : ZLDesign | President

Zack,  a consultant with H3Pelvic Therapy Systems, Inc., has 30 years of seasoned product development and design experience in various industry sectors:   Aerospace, hybrid electric vehicle charging and energy control systems, medical, test and measurement, alternative energy products, business office furnishings and environments, recreational vehicles.

Formerly, Zack worked with TE Connectivity as Senior New Product Development mechanical designer/engineer on the latest Hybrid and Electrical Mobility Solutions Product line for both Americas and Europe. Core products are electrical connection systems for electric vehicle battery control systems for US automotive manufacturers.

His previous working experience has also resulted in working relationships with Raychem Corp, IBM Advanced Workstations Division, Bernhardt Design, Respirics Medical as well as consulting for many other large entities. He has success working within large organizations, achieving industry brand and quality recognition for many clients by developing unique and long-lasting product solutions. He is named as a sole inventor/patent owner as well as named on various US patents of various categories. Proven technical leadership abilities with over fifteen years promoting the professional growth of the NC and SC state engineering community through the management and promotion of Pro/Users of the Carolinas.

Mark Bohannon |

Mark Bohannon :

Mark was previously the Creo, Windchill, and License Administrator for the x86 Server team at Lenovo in the Research Triangle Park. In addition to providing administrative support for these tools, he also maintained a website for the Creo User community at Lenovo and developed application customizations to help the engineers do their jobs more efficiently. He had been in this role since December 2012 and prior to that was a mechanical engineer designing electronic system packages at IBM, Solectron, C-MAC and Nortel Networks. In his spare time he enjoys playing board games with the family and working in his church.