2011 Fall Event – John Deere

On November 10, 2011 the Pro/Users group event was hosted by John Deere.

Another Successful Event! – November 10, 2011 Event Wrap-up


for your help with this event.

And once again let’s thank

for this event.

Pictures taken at the Pro/Users Event

Event HighLights

Main Prizes Won!
  • Three People left early and missed out on the Kindle Fire – It pays to stay!
  • Richard J. Gradle (Flowserve) ended up winning the Kindle Fire
  • Jared Shott (IBM) was the Planet PTC Live event fee winner – $1395.00 value
  • John Wall won the Apple iTouch from I-Cubed
  • Josh McCormick (Deere) won the ProComp 2 modeling competition
  • Seven people won shirts, hats, training manuals, etc.
This event was a success because of our Sponsors and Pro/User members.  As we grow and continue to bring you the cutting edge techniques and skills utilized by the Pro/E top-guns, we know you too benefit from the Pro/Users of the Carolinas.  Submit your feedback & remember to check back for updates on future meetings.
That concludes another great Pro/Users of the Carolinas event. Hone up those Pro/E skills (& consider presenting). We’ll have another great event coming to you soon!


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