Internet of Things & PTC Creo


How will “cloud” and IoT affect future Creo versions?

Daniel Harper, USL

Answered by: Jack Sullivan (PTC)

PTC’s entry into the IoT space will greatly affect future Creo versions.  PTC R&D  is actively working on technologies that combine the power of Creo with the benefits of real-world, real-time data.  Some of the first examples of this integration are currently available or have been introduced at LiveWorx and PTCLive and will be available soon.

  1. Digital Twin
    1. Linking a physical product to a digital product in real-time.  As the physical product moves, the Digital Twin (in Creo) updates in real time. PTC Creo recognizes the data from sensors on the physical product and performs basic physical analysis for deeper insight into the products behavior.
  2. Creo Performance Advisor
    1. Provides PTC and Customers real-time data on the performance of Creo.  This allows customers to understand the environment(s) that their Creo users are working in and to pinpoint users and/or machines that are experiencing issues at a higher rate than their colleagues.  It also provides real-time error codes to PTC so that PTC Support can proactively resolve common issues prior to customers opening Tech Support calls.
  3. Augmented Reality
    1. Using a tablet, you can scan the serial number and the AR tag of a product. The Augmented Reality application then projects, or augments, a dashboard on to that physical product (viewable through the tablet) containing product data gathered with sensors.  This can eliminate the need for a physical user interface on a product in order to understand how it is behaving.
  4. ThingWorx Converge
    1. A centralized hub for product data that provides OOTB integrations PTC and 3rd Party systems.  Allows customers to use ThingWorx to build product dashboards that include data from multiple systems (PLM, ERP, etc) in one view.


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