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Semi-hollow interior part and variable draft – two sides


If a part with a semi-hollow interior requires a variable draft on only two sides, how would you apply the draft so the two sides are linked with the same draft angle? (Pictures provided)

Joseph Faulk, Allied Enterprises


Answered by:

Zack Lyon, TE Connectivity


First Side Draft Angle = X

Draft Angle (X) = Draft Angle (Y)




Family Tables and renaming in WindChill


How to easily rename using Windchill with family table members, etc.?

Kevin Campbell, RockTenn

Answered byKayle Brock, Carrier

If you have permissions here’s the steps:

  • Identify the generic
  • Click the “Actions” button in upper left corner
  • “Rename”
  • Check the object box “generic”
  • Collect related family table objects (3rd icon from left)