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2022 Spring Photos


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These are screenshots from the presentations during the Virtual Event held on November 16, 2021.

Using Creo to design a new Drill Chuck (Patented Oct 2021)
Dave Engvall (Stanley Black & Decker)

Creo Multi-Body Parts and Skeletons
Leo Greene (e-Cognition)

Creo 8.0 – Enhancements from versions 6 & 7
Oscar Salas (TriStar)

Effective ISDX Surfacing (Superbike Fast)
Bart Brejcha (Design Engine)


How Do You Stop Model Tree “Creeping”?


In Creo 2.0, how do you stop the screen and the assembly/model tree from  “creeping” out of  view when doing multiple replacement editing?

Joel Sanders, Flowserve Corp.

Answered by: Zack Lyon

Joel, I am pretty sure that you can “pin” your menu. Get CREO 7?

Mine doesn’t do that. Creeping could be related to something like a Mouseball that is not “Zero” ed out. My 3DConnexion device will do that though.

If you are using a 3D mouse, unplug, reset and retry.


Benefits/drawbacks to creating & using start parts


Can you explain some of the benefits (and drawbacks if any) to creating and using “start parts”?

(please provide some examples of what a good “start part” should entail)

Bill Phillips, Carrier

Answered by:

Bill, you know this answer.. I expect you to EMBELLISH after I botch it.

Simply, a Start part should have your company unit settings, accuracy settings, layer settings, parameters that are important. Part Start parts will have different parameters than a SheetMetal start part.

The same can be said for all of your Assembly Start Parts.

Consultants who work with different customers said customers might have standards and templates that they need if you are passing data back to them. It is important to keep these in the respective customer start directories so that you don’t get messed up. Be careful! File your data and templates in a repeatable logical location so that your actions do not overlap with other customers’ standards.

As far as Drawbacks? If you pick the wrong start part, well, I don’t think you can slip the table cloth back under once you have this base settings established/baked into the base parts. ** Don’t pick the wrong start parts!**


Are there personal use discounts on Creo?


As a Pro/Users member, is it possible to get some discount on Creo (any) license to use it at home (design for hobbies)

Mark Tentler, Honeywell

Answered by:

Nope… If you a kid in engineering school and he/she doesn’t want to take advantage of student discounts, then you might could get a seat that way.

Keep in mind, the data produced is NOT readable on any commercial platform.

Truly, it is hobby.

Maybe, for the weekend, you can “borrow” a license from your company to do your hobby work? Talk to your IT department.

This is all speculative on my part.