PTC/User Portal Migration Into PTC Community

Email from Dan Glenn regarding migration of PTC/User portals into the PTC Community…

As most of you are aware we’ve been talking a lot about our upcoming migration, moving your public discussions and account information from the PTC/USER portal into PTC Community, our new destination for discussions about PTC products. We’ve been pleased to see that a number of our regular discussion contributors have been actively getting involved in the conversations at our new community and encourage all of you to test out the new tools before we migrate all of the existing discussions later this month.

If you have an account on both PTC/USER and PTC Community, please make sure you review your account details to ensure that the “Private Email” field on your PTC/USER Profile page matches the “Email” field on your account management page. This will greatly help the accuracy of our data migration.

The team has completed their principal development for this project and is now beginning the process of and data validation, in coordination with a number of PTC/USER members through a series of trial migrations. If you’d like to participate in this beta program please email:

Below is a table which charts out the topics on the PTC/USER portal, as they exist today, and their new destinations on PTC Community:

PTC/USER Topic Name Product Community Product Sub-Community
Adapters PTC Arbortext N/A
Creo Automation PTC Creo Automation
Creo Customization (Pro/ENGINEER) PTC Creo Customization
Creo Direct (CoCreate CAD) PTC Creo Elements/Direct N/A
Creo Machining (Pro/ENGINEER CAM) PTC Creo Manufacturing
Creo Parametric (Pro/ENGINEER CAD) PTC Creo Modeling
Creo Schematics (Routed Systems) PTC Creo Piping, Cabling & Schematics
Creo Simulate (Pro/ENGINEER CAE) PTC Creo Analysis and Simulation
Creo System Administration (Pro/ENGINEER) PTC Creo System Administration
Creo View (Visualization) PTC Creo Visualize
Data Exchange PTC Creo N/A
Isodraw PTC Arbortext N/A
Mathcad PTC Mathcad N/A
Pro/INTRALINK 3.x PTC Windchill N/A
Windchill CAD Integration PTC Windchill CAD Integration
Windchill FlexPLM PTC Windchill FlexPLM
Windchill Solutions PTC Windchill N/A

The discussion content listed in the topics above will be migrated to either a top level PTC Product Community or within a secondary level (Product Sub-Community). For example: if you’re interested in a discussion that was previously posted within the Creo Machining (Pro/ENGINEER CAM) topic, it will now live within the PTC Creo > Manufacturing sub-community. This should give everyone a good understanding of which PTC Product Communities and Sub-Communities to Follow for relevant topics of interest.

We also want to let you all know that as a result of our migration to the PTC Community we will no longer be utilizing the email listservs you’ve come to know as the Email Exploders. We’ll be turning off these email addresses on the day of our migration and all new discussions and replies will need to be added by visiting the PTC Community site. I understand this is a bit of a change in user behavior and would encourage all of you to visit the new site to get familiar with the posting tools and documentation on how to setup your email notifications in advance.

Dan Glenn PTC/USER Board of Directors


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