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CFD Simulation – What is best?


What CFD (computational fluid dynamics) Packages are preferred or work best with Creo 4.0 models & assemblies?

Brent Price (Gilbarco)

Answered by: Kayle B. Brock, Engineering Manager (Carrier Corp)

The answer to this question will be widely varied depending on who provides it.  Carrier uses Fluent (ANSYS) for CFD projects here in Charlotte.   The process is; first the CREO models are translated to a STEP file, then meshed with Hypermesh, then loaded into Fluent.


Advanced Simulation (FEA) Elements in Creo 3.0

Event: Fall 2016 @ Penske Racing

Presenters: Gavin B. Rumble, PE and Jarrod L. Nooe, mechanical engineers from Solid Engineering & Design

Click Here for the Presentation slides.

Our presentation introduces the concept of associative Beam Elements for quick early design stage analysis.

Click the image below to download a ZIP file containing the model files.

Beam Model


PTC Community – Setting Up Email Streams

The article below was originally posted by David A. Haigh of Lawrence Livermore National Lab on the PTC/User Forum site. The article provides helpful instructions on how to set-up email streams on the new PTC Communities. A special thanks to David for allowing us to repost on the Pro/Users of the Carolinas site. Continue reading PTC Community – Setting Up Email Streams