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Family Tables and renaming in WindChill


How to easily rename using Windchill with family table members, etc.?

Kevin Campbell, RockTenn

Answered byKayle Brock, Carrier

If you have permissions here’s the steps:

  • Identify the generic
  • Click the “Actions” button in upper left corner
  • “Rename”
  • Check the object box “generic”
  • Collect related family table objects (3rd icon from left)


PTC Community – Setting Up Email Streams

The article below was originally posted by David A. Haigh of Lawrence Livermore National Lab on the PTC/User Forum site. The article provides helpful instructions on how to set-up email streams on the new PTC Communities. A special thanks to David for allowing us to repost on the Pro/Users of the Carolinas site. Continue reading PTC Community – Setting Up Email Streams