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Advanced Simulation (FEA) Elements in Creo 3.0

Event: Fall 2016 @ Penske Racing

Presenters: Gavin B. Rumble, PE and Jarrod L. Nooe, mechanical engineers from Solid Engineering & Design

Click Here for the Presentation slides.

Our presentation introduces the concept of associative Beam Elements for quick early design stage analysis.

Click the image below to download a ZIP file containing the model files.

Beam Model


How to Display Model Name in Drawing View


How do I automatically display the model name of an “added model” in a drawing view?

Josh McCormick, Britax Child Safety

Answered byGavin B. Rumble, PE

The first answer is that using existing functionality there is no way for this to be done automatically…ie, no check box will cause this to happen.  That said, there is functionality to parametrically display a model name on the drawing.  Continue reading How to Display Model Name in Drawing View


How to easily assign components to a layer?


In an assembly with many components, can you window around several components and assign them to a specific layer?  Wildfire had this ability but Creo 2.0 doesn’t seem to support.

Jason Osborne, TE Connectivity

Answered byGavin B. Rumble, PE

Odd, this Window Select functionality DOES seem to be identical in Wildfire 4 and Creo 3.  I would also add that in neither case does it actually seem to be the slightest bit useful!  I may be missing something, but the only options seem to be to Ignore the selected item(s) or Add it to a NEW layer.  I almost NEVER would want to do the latter.